Partnering with G’Securelabs

G’Securelabs partners have an array of opportunities to grow and earn more. With our managed detection and response offerings, you can reach up to new clients, retain existing clients, and increase revenue.

Partner Program


With the silver program, you will be provided an onboarding kit with sales training from experts. In addition, you will get the marketing mailers for communication and business manager consultation on pro-rata basis.


Gold program will bring more earnings, market share and opportunities for you as G’Securelabs partner. With all the features of Silver program, you will get high priority engagement from business managers and other business opportunity engagements.


The platinum program has all the features of a premium partnership. From maximum partnership margin to all exclusive support, platinum partners will get everything. You will get dedicated business managers to support and more lead sharing to increase profit margins.

Silver Gold Platinum
Sales Training
On-boarding kit
Co-branded brochures
Webinar for customer base
Partner listing on G’Securelabs website
Marketing mailers
Co-branding in trade shows & events
Jointly organize Cybersecurity events
Deal registration
Rebates on achievement of targets (Quarterly
Mutual business generation process


More Potential Revenue

Our partnership programs give incentives to partners and increases revenue without any extra operational investments. You can earn partnership margin up to 30%.

Advanced Marketing Outreach

You can use our co-marketing opportunities and collateral to generate leads and build your brand image. Our in-house marketing team will help to get better co-branding presence with our experts.

Deal Protection

We believe in growing together with our partners, so we make sure to realize each lead you generate. Our deal tracker makes sure that you will get your lead registered and track until closing process.

Collaborative Sales Meetings

Collaboratively we can grow and achieve more. Our sales experts are always available for collaboration whenever needed; they help you to close deals successfully.


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