No network is 100% secure, and preventive security techniques, while essential, are no longer sufficient against the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks.

G’SecureLabs Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services protects you 24*7 from known and unknown IT security threats so you can focus on your business..


Challenges of a Security Manager

G'Securelabs MDR services

Focus on your business while we protect you 24*7 from known and unknown IT security threats with our accessible, actionable and affordable services.

Our AI-driven MDR technology deployed in the client network combined with our Cyber Security Operations at 24*7 CSOC provides continuous protection from threats and infections.

Advanced technology-based protection to secure endpoints and monitoring health of your endpoints and network

AI-Driven Threat Protection
Automated threat correlation using AI driven threat intel and behavioral analysis
Threat Anticipation
Apply latest attacker TTPs to continuously evolve your defenses
Response Orchestration
Blocks attacks and infections automatically as a security administrator
Threat Hunting
Security Analytics to detect unknown and hidden threats
Security monitoring
Monitor network and endpoint activity to spot risks
Alert Response
Triage and analyze alerts 24*7 to inform relevant threats
Support & Reports
24*7 support over email, phone Monthly and incident reports 3-hour SLA to report issue

Coordinated Remediation & Consultation
Support to remediate issues before they cause further damage
Fixup & Remediation
Forensic analysis
Support for Root Cause Analysis
Threat Modeling
Standards driven Threat Modeling & Security Architecture Design Review
Security Maturity Model
Review & Consultation
Vulnerability analysis
Vulnerability & Penetration security testing to find vulnerabilities
For unknown malware detonation testing
Compliance Support
Guidance to help comply with EU GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA / HI TECH, NIST 800-53, FISMA, NERC CIP, OWASP
Support & Reports
24*7 support over email, phone
Weekly reports & Incident-based reports
4 hour SLA to remediate issues

State of the art Cyber Security Operations

  • CSOC in Europe and India
  • Team of CyberSecurity specialists
  • GDPR and NIST Compliant
  • Remote deployment, management & monitoring

Customer benefits

  • Expand Service Revenue with high quality managed service practice
  • Enhance Security Posture to get customer confidence & loyalty
  • Increase Profit Margins and Customer Satisfaction
  • Save investment & time in managing security risks & building a security team
  • Get access to our security experts with regular and incident reports


  • Brand Reputation
  • Customer Trust & Information
  • Revenue
  • Intellectual property
  • Productivity


G'Secure labs follows a methodology to offer a service that's most relevant to the size, state and security maturity of the customer, with advanced protection with an engagement model to get the most possible value for the customer.

  • Assess

    Understand security maturity to position services appropriate to the customer

  • Engage

    Setup an engagement and governance model for regular reviews, escalations, and day to day working.

  • Deploy

    Remote or onsite deployment of lightweight agent on endpoints for G'Shield, and deploy SEIM + connector for G'Recon.

  • Manage

    Involves collection, analysis, response and remediaton of security risks and threats during the service delivery phase.

Learn more about our methodology


  G'Secure Labs General MSP
On Boarding time and Operationalizing Security Typically a couple of weeks Few months (if you are lucky)
Protection Technology AI driven protection & Response Orchestration Next-Generation Anti-Virus Traditional security measures
On Boarding and Agent Impact No Reboot
Low memory footprint
High memory consuming agent
Where your Data Resides In your Network At MSP site or in Cloud
What you Get Answers that tell you what to do Alerts
How you Measure Value Security Report # of alerts
Resilience Recommendations Actions to Improve Long Term Security NA
Remediation Guidance Co-ordinated Remediation NA
Threat Hunting Yes NA
Service Tiers Simple enough Confusing
Flexi Pricing Flexi pricing that suits your business needs No


G'SECURE LABS Offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for BFSI, Enterprises, Online Portals and SME’S

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