Data Lifecycle Management

The most important and critical part of any organization is data and its management. In every organization there is huge exchange of data at every instance of time. Data processed is sent to multiple entities, including 3rd parties, agents, partners and customers. Users are increasingly leveraging mobile devices as a convenient medium for increasing business performance. Consequently, critical data gets stored and processed through mobile devices. Accessibility to the Internet has become more of a norm than an option.

Cloud/Virtualized infrastructure has become the most sought-after concept for reducing IT expenditure. Data is no longer processed within your own secure environment but processed in the cloud – whose location is not known to the end consumers.

Risk Management

Risk assessment activity is split into four different levels of assessments:

Technology Implementation

G’Secure’s installation and integration services are based on proven industry and manufacturer standards combined with years of success. Gaining an understanding of your business and technical drivers for the product and documenting intended implementation results. Implementing a technology and integrating it into your environment that is designed to meet your requirements and expectations we offer training and awareness sessions as part of this phase to different streams of users. General security awareness training will be provided for other employees in the organization.

A master implementation roadmap will be developed, taking into account the current state assessment, the risk assessment, SSA standards and process, and the defined governance structure. The master plan will largely include the following:


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