“2011 worldwide businesses experienced 23 million of internet and Cybersecurity breaches which increased to 30 million averagely in a year. A recent research shown the vulnerability of Cybersecurity at highest of all time, out of 33 Cybersecurity capabilities organizations are equipped with 11 capabilities.

Cybersecurity concerns have been exploded so badly that only 9 percent of organizations have the 75 percent capabilities out of 33 Cybersecurity capabilities, forget about 100 percent security for any organization. Cybersecurity is the bedrock of future business and digital transformation.’

World is getting connected with smart devices and people are getting more dependent on the digital medium. With this increased amount of use of internet and smart devices, users will be walking a tightrope putting businesses on a higher risk. In the recent past, we have encountered ransomware attacks, Yahoo and Facebook massive data breaches, and financial frauds too, it is time to understand that our conventional firewall is not enough for businesses.


Why there is a need to minimize the risk of digital business disruptions occurs due to Cyberthreats with MDR. We shouldn’t ignore the Cyber threats because of the rapidly increasing Cybercrimes, hackers, and Cyberattacks. Businesses have to keep monitoring the database network and systems to keep data secure. This is the reason why Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services has become a mandate for businesses and organizations.


Cyberattacks have grown at an exponential rate in the recent past with attacks becoming more meticulous and sophisticated. This has led to businesses experiencing data loss and data breaches irrespective of the organization size. Especially the ones who don’t have the basic Cybersecurity policies and technology to detect and manage the attacks and threats. Organizations who were simply relying on the conventional firewall system have seen how it has failed and has not been enough to face the security challenges.


What makes these businesses more vulnerable is their lack of in-house expertise to respond to any form of Cyberthreat. Their skills are outdated and not enough to face a more sophisticated and highly engineered threats towards the organization irrespective of dedicated IT support team to respond to 24 X 7 Cyberattacks.


Introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the Europe emphasis over the controlled use of personal data and the way it should be stored. GDPR has strict guidelines and imposes heavy penalties for losing the personal data of customers, which means there has to be a zero tolerance against Cyberthreats. Businesses and organization have to follow the GDPR guidelines and keep their data safe and secure from any form of Cyberattack or data breach.


The growing sophisticated Cyberattacks and Cybercrimes have created a need for MDR to manage, detect, and respond before a business suffers a massive loss to these attacks and breaches which will easily damage the reputation of any organization making it unrecoverable. MDR increases the capabilities to respond Cyberattacks and respond on-time making it a smart move for the organization to keep their data and reputation secure in future.

Cybercriminals are becoming more efficient and effective with their attacks on organizations, networks and systems which requires businesses to be fully equipped with effective strategies to counter these attacks. One such strategy is to invest in MDR and get future ready while industries migrate to the new age of digital transformation.


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