Evolving cyber threat landscape and ever-expanding attack surface of organizations demand next-generation security capabilities for threat detection and response which is not feasible or very difficult for many organizations.

G'SecureLabs Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services addresses this challenge to protect you 24*7 from known and unknown IT security threats so you can focus on your business.

Advance Technology based protection to secure endpoints and monitoring health of your endpoints and network.

AI driven Threat Protection

Automated threat correlation using AI driven threat intel augmented with human intelligence and experience. AI-driven and ML based threat protection to block unknown threats that are morphed with new techniques and tactics - Security that adapts itself to the newer form of attacks.

Threat Anticipation

We analyse and gather latest attacker TTPs (tactics – techniques – procedures) from variety of threat feeds, news and dark web resources, and apply it in your context to continuously evolve your defences to proactively fix gaps before threats reach you.

Response Orchestration

Our advanced technology blocks attacks and cleans infections automatically as a security administrator would do, reducing dependency on individual and saving time to action. It also quarantines threats in real time to contain threats.

Threat Hunting

Security Analytics is used for security, user and IT data to enable and detect unknown and hidden threats which otherwise can be very hard or impossible to detect.

Alert Response

We triage and analyze alerts 24 x 7 to focus on the most relevant threats, and inform you attack radius, potential impact and recommended action at the earliest to enable you to take necessary action; thereby bridging alert notifications to incident response plan and activation.

Security Monitoring

Monitor traffic and endpoint-user-network activity to identify and analyze patterns, trends, outliers that pose risk for the organization. Operationalizing available SIEM technologies can be hard utilizing more time without desired possible outcomes.

Support & Reports

Get 24*7 support assistance over email and phone. We provide regular monthly reports and incident-triggered reports. We try our best to inform and assist you in time with a response time of up to 3 hours to report on important issues and threats.

Coordinated Remediation

Our security experts help you remediate high severity security incidents before they cause further damage. We offer manual support for actions such as isolating infected hosts & servers.

Fixup & Remediation

Explanatory threat reports with remediation guidance and consultation on verified security incidents.

Forensic Analysis

We provide forensic services for root cause analysis and reconstruct sequence of events to help pin down and eliminate the reason of threats and it will help identify any such attack is going undetected.


We use sandboxing technology to identify unknown threats by malware detonation testing to detect them that otherwise may not be even noticed.

Threat Modeling

We conduct standards driven Threat Modeling exercise to identify potential threat areas. And our experts review and provide guidance on the security architecture design.

Security Maturity Model

Along with continuous threat protection services we help you improve your security maturity with review and guidance in areas like policy, procedures, implementation, test and integration.

Vulnerability Analysis

Regular vulnerability testing and penetration security testing helps identify and quantify vulnerabilities in your environment to get awareness and risk background necessary to understand threats to your environment and react.

Compliance Support

Compliance is essential for regulatory requirements, providing evidence that necessary and reasonable actions are taken to prevent incident, customer requirements and other reasons. We provide guidance to help you comply and demonstrate it for requirements like GDPR, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPPA / HI TECH, NIST 800-53, FISMA, NERC CIP, OWASP.

Support & Reports

Get 24*7 support assistance over email and phone. We provide regular weekly reports and incident-triggered reports. We try our best to inform and assist you in time with a response time of up to 4 hours to remediate important issues and threats.


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