Cyber predators in today’s times have a knack for keeping themselves well-hidden and only come into the light if they are identified accidentally. Therefore, there is a constant struggle for IT and security teams, to stay alert because of uncertainties involved in today’s attacks. They have to be ready all the time for unexpected attacks taking place at any time.

Also, if you look at some of the insights given Protecting People report, you will find that:

  • About 99% of heavily targeted email addresses during the present quarter highlight that attackers are shifting their targets consistently.
  • Workers in public relations, marketing, and human resource departments account for a relatively higher share of attacks.
  • Customer support related fraud on social media has reached its highest level i.e. about 486%.
  • There is an increase in email related fraud attacks to about 36 per targeted organization, which is an 80% rise from the same quarter last year.
  • Increase in email-based credential phishing attacks in corporate organizations.

Dealing with Tomorrow’s Cyber Threats

With a consistent increase in cyber threats, IT security officers have to step up and deal with advanced potential security vulnerabilities in the near future. They apply various cyber defence strategies, including anti-malware, antivirus, and threat prevention. Also, these officials identify and access management software to various security appliances like firewalls and gateways.

Despite these efforts, attackers are able to crack security systems and make data breaches, data thefts, and create ransomware. To curb this, you need to apply new-age strategies that have immense potential to stand as a gatekeeper against such attacks.

Strategies to Handle Tomorrow’s Cyber Threats 

  1. Deploy the Strategy of Deception 

According to the deception security strategy, IT security professionals create multiple choices. Most of them are dead ends. Deception strategy forces attackers to slow down and quit their positions. IT experts generate false but enticing traffic from multiple databases, where only one of them is real.

Attackers thus have to evaluate each of the data sources and chase down different options. Thus, deception strategy extends the time required for attackers to find and retrieve data, while providing enough time for defenders to identify and respond to any attack.

  1. Leverage Threat Intelligence for Better Incident Response

New data supplied by any threat intelligence feed keeps security professionals informed about the latest changes related to all kinds of threats. With strong threat intelligence strategies in place, cybercriminals face difficulty to intervene in the system. Which means, they need to revise their attacking strategies and evade any type of detection. Besides, as intelligence becomes detailed with the application of advanced analytics, cybersecurity officers may easily detect malware families and prevent them.

  1. Shift to Proactive Security Paradigm

Another effective strategy to deal with tomorrow’s cyber threat is to shift to a proactive security paradigm rather than following a reactive one. For this, you have to assess the level of risk prevailing in the existing network. An effective way to start this is to assume that you have already compromised the security followed by considering the actions you should take in the form of a result. You only have to ask a few questions.

  • What are the types and numbers of devices present on your computer network?
  • What policies will you apply to the respective network?
  • Do you think your systems are vulnerable to security threats?

As the best option, Cybersecurity and other IT officers always consider switching to a zero-trust model from an implied trust. This includes different actions, including the implementation of multi-factor authentication and deployment of network access control. Apart from these, a proactive approach includes setting up micro-segmentation and segmentation procedures.

To conclude, IT organizations have to anticipate threats and target the wrong intention of cybercriminals with innovative security strategies forcing them to go back to the pavilion. Protect your systems now!



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