The client is operating a financial services organization with firewall, anti-virus protection and SIEM in place. Due to a lack of trust in the protection offered against insider threats, they concerned of its customer data, business data getting stolen by hackers.


The client is a leading provider of technology for reservoir characterisation, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry. The company maintains the security of their sensitive data with pre-installed systems like Firewall, IPS and antivirus. Due to increasing IT-security breaches and fraud related incidents they wanted to implement digital forensic readiness measures and get assistance from cybersecurity company who can conduct forensic analysis, regular security audits and increase security maturity.


A Fortune 500 healthcare & bio-pharma company, providing emergency and surgical care, as well as a wide range of other health care services. They were looking for actionable alerts to reduce & mitigate risks in time.

The company maintains the security of their sensitive intellectual property with pre-installed systems like Firewall, IPS and antivirus. It was leading them to spend a lot of time acting on false alerts.


The client is a healthcare & bio-pharma organization focused on production of innovative parameters and detection methods for laboratory diagnostics and medical research. The company maintains security of their sensitive data with pre-installed systems like Firewall, IPS and antivirus. These traditional security systems were not enough to protect their customer data, business data, & IP being leaked due to insider risks.


This large Telecom has over 210 million Indians as customers. their knowledge of global best practices along with our deep exposure to local markets has made us leaders in the telecommunications industry. Since commencing operations in 2007, we have consistently been awarded for our best-in-class network, powerful brand, unique distribution and unmatched customer service. Whether an individual or enterprise, our customers always receive world-class services that cater to their needs.


A SIEM solution designed by us allows our customer to finally make sense out of logs from different equipments in the information system. The solution is designed to detect cyberattacks and IT threats by exploiting and filtering different logs coming from several information sources (that could be internal or external). It is a centralized and powerful supervision system that traditionally includes both the log collector and the correlation engines built on a single powerful platform. The solution is designed to manage half a million event per second without dropping of a single event.

The right log level of the monitored traffic is accurately defined so the SIEM functions most efficiently. We assisted the customer in choosing an appropriate SIEM solution starts from the threats, attack scenarios and compliance environment. We have consulted them to optimize which data is relevant to collect, how it should be processed and how long it should be kept. In order to deliver maximum efficiency, organizational, human and legal aspects have been taken into consideration when deploying SIEM software. The organization has been able to achieve their defined goals.


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